Day 1 Reflection - Photography Needs Time

Hossein came into the workshop with a great deal of equipment and enthusiasm. He had every idea of what he wanted to discuss but the students were a little bit scattered. One had to leave 45 minutes early (leaving her 15 minutes to sit in) and one left 15 minutes early. Though Hossein and I had planned a whole day’s worth of activities, which would include some photography work as well as some photo editing, we were unable to fulfill our goals. We instead spent most of our time looking at Hossein’s photos and talking about issues of representation as well as technical qualities of his photos. Though I wish the students had had a chance to do a hands-on activity, I was at least glad that they were exposed to the craft and choices that go into photography and that they were able to ask questions of an Iranian photographer. 


Iranian Youth and Media Literacy

Lesson plans explore issues of identity and representation in this youth media workshop for Iranian-American youth

Curriculum Resources from the Youth Media Workshop for Iranian American Youth, held in Philadelphia from August 3 - 7, 2009 at the Asian Arts Initiative. See the lesson plans and reflections.

Developed by Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, this program was also co-sponsored by: The Middle East Center of UPenn; The Asian Arts Initiative; Shabahang Persian Cultural Society; Temple University's Film and Media Arts Department; The Media Education Lab; and S&H Kebab House. Like the Media Education Lab's partnership with Roberts Elementary School, this program aims to bridge cultural understanding (of Iranian culture) through media literacy education. 

Workshop Lesson Plans and Reflections