Book by Renee Hobbs helps educators and students understand their rights and responsibilities regarding fair use for digital and media literacy.

Order your copy of Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning today! Read some reviews.

MARCH 2012. Learn about our petition to the U.S. Copyright Office to enable K-12 teachers to rip DVD videos for teaching and learning with digital media. 

Contact Renee Hobbs to bring a Copyright Clarity workshop to your community. See some of the places where Renee and her colleagues have offered workshops, keynote addresses and seminars on the topic of copyright and fair use.  Read an evaluation report to learn why our program is such an effective approach to staff development. 

These materials are designed to support and extend the key ideas presented in the book:

PPT SLIDES: Offering a Staff Development Program on Copyright and Fair Use

LESSON PLANS: Teaching About Copyright and Fair Use

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