Create to Learn

"Create to Learn" by using free or low-cost digital tools for making podcasts, blogs, videos, gifs, infographics and more

The best way to learn is to make media about what you're learning. Now it's easier than ever! 


Buy a copy of the new book by Renee Hobbs, Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy

Check out the companion website, Create to Learn Online where you can access teaching & learning materials, view student multimedia work samples, and access study notes for the book.



Make a Gif. Take some pictures and make them move with this simple GIF maker.  

IMGFlip. Make a meme.      

Vine.  Make a 6-second video on your cell phone.

Periscope. Live broadcast to the world from your mobile phone for free.

Storify. Curate social media to present your own perspective on an idea using digital media resources created by yourself and others.


Opinion. Free, simple to use podcast recording tool for iPhone. 

Spreaker Studio is a podcast recording tool for Android.

Chirbit. Create podcasts simply and easily. 

Storymaker. From the Guardian, an Android based tool designed for citizen journalists.


Picmonkey. Edit photos, make a collage and more with this simple free tool.

Be Funky. Free photo editor makes your pictures look awesome! 

Kizoa. Create a musical slideshow. 

Sharalike.  Create an image slideshow on your iPhone, Android or tablet.


Pencil. Create simple drawings and animations with this free tool.

JellyCam. Create simple animations with this online tool

OSnap. Create stop-motion animation using your iPhone or iPad.

Powtoons. Make an animation using this free but powerful tool.

Moovly. VIdeo animation software - free and easy to use.    


WordPress.  Templates make your content look amazing online.

Wix. Free and simple to use website creation tool 

Weebly. The fastest way to create stunning websites with a few simple steps.

INFOGRAPHICS Make an infographic.  Create infographics with easy-to-use templates.  


QuickCast. Make a three-minute screencast on your computer. So simple! Make a video using your computer screen.

Screencastify. An extension for Chrome that makes it easy to create a simple screencast. 

Snagit in Chrome. Watch this video to learn how to install an app to your Chrome browser that enables you to create a free screencast and post to your YouTube account.


Animoto. Make a video using still and moving images and sound.

Videolicious. Make a simple movie using a free app on your smartphone.  

WeVideo. Simple cloud-based tool for collaborative video production.  

Shadow Puppet. Make a simple movie using a free app on your smartphone or your iPad.