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Discovering Media Literacy

Discovering Media Literacy: Teaching Digital Media and Popular Culture in Elementary School is a book by Renee Hobbs and David Cooper Moore, who have crafted a powerful set of stories from their work in a large-scale, multi-year engagement with Philadelphia elementary school students and teachers. In the process, they have broken new ground in media literacy education.

KEY IDEAS. The book makes important claims about the pedagogy and best practices of media literacy, opening up questions for classroom teachers and introducing theories of media literacy education for scholars and researchers.

ORDER THE BOOK ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE. In Discovering Media Literacy: Digital Media and Popular Culture in Elementary School, you will learn:

At the website Discover Media Literacy, you can see videos, review lesson plans, and get ideas for staff development progrms for K-6 educators that help them introduce media literacy into the curriculum. For example:

Help young children learn the language of film and visual media 

How young children respond to news and current events by creating pictures and composing sentences 

How talk about the images of popular culture provides opportunities to address sensitive interpretations about values and relationships 

How "warm" and "cool" feedback helps young children understand how audiences respond to their creative work

How creating "how-to" videos can promote procedural thinking and creative collaboration

How children's collaborative songwriting promotes teamwork and creativity 

How to build critical thinking about pop music through a screencasting activity 

How to introduce concepts of copyright and fair use through remix play  

Why young children benefit from composing public service announcements to help solve community problems 

How a teacher used a teachable moment during a field trip to build children's understanding of homelessness by creating a 14-page digital comic book 

Check out the companion website to the book, Discover Media Literacy, and take a quiz to find out your Digital Learning Horosope! 


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