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  • July 24 - 29, 2016Providence, Rhode IslandThe 4th annual program is back for another amazing summer! It's a hands-on, minds-on learning experience unlike any other! This event is the premiere professional development program…
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  • Renee Hobbs has been invited to present at the United Nations Alliance of Civlizations conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2016, the conference theme is "Living Together In Inclusive Societies: A Challenge and A Goal" will be…
  • Renee Hobbs and Michelle Ciulla Lipkin are coming to the University of Oklahoma on Thursday, April 14, 2016.  

Curriculum Materials

The Media Education Lab is one of the leading providers of multimedia curriculum resources for K-12 media literacy education.

We are proud of the extensive collection of free resources we have created. Check them out!

  • The book by Renee Hobbs helps educators and students understand their rights and responsibilities regarding fair use for digital and media literacy.
  • New book by Renee Hobbs and David Cooper Moore examines digital and media literacy in K-6 informal and formal education, with strategies for understanding teacher motivations and advancing professional development.
  • Engage learners in exploring substance abuse prevention using the pedagogy of media literacy
  • Available for purchase for the first time ever, the media literacy smartphone helps students learn to ask questions about what they read, see, watch and listen to

Research and Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team: