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Ibrahim E. Bilici

About Ibrahim Bilici

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Ibrahim Bilici

Visiting Scholar

Ibrahim E. Bilici was born in Konya, in Turkey. He lived and worked at Kosovo for military service at Turkish Army at North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) Peacekeeping Force at Kosovo in 2001-2002. He received a bachelor’s degree at Selcuk University Faculty of Communications Department of Journalism in 1998, a master of arts degree at Gazi University Faculty Of Communications Journalism Department in 2000. He started his doctoral education at Gazi University at 2004 and continues at Erciyes University Faculty Of Communication Journalism Department.

During the summer of 2009, Ibrahim was a Visiting Scholar at the Media Education Lab, studying under the direction of Renee Hobbs and observing the Powerful Voices for Kids media literacy program at the Russell Byers Charter School.