Igor Kanižaj

Visiting Scholar

Igor Kanižaj, Ph.D is Associate Professor at the University of Zagreb, Journalism Department at the Faculty of Political Science. In the Department of Journalism and Media Production, he offers courses in Print Media, Media and Diversity, Media and Violence, Newsroom. From 2012 he is teaching Media and Children on Doctoral Study Information and Communication Science, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. He is a lecturer at the Military Diplomatic School, of the Ministry of Defence, and host lecturer at Croatian Defence Academy „Ban Josip Jelačić“. Since 2010, he is executive editor of Media Studies journal.

Professor Kanižaj is one of the leading academic activists in media literacy education in Europe. He is Vice president of the Association for Communication and Media Culture (DKMK.hr, and djecamedija.org) and has experience as a communication expert in several EU funded IPA and CARDS projects. He is the co-author of the first public opinion research on Media Literacy in Croatia. Participated in several international research projects and networks: COST project ISO906 „Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies“, ANR TRANSLIT (Media and Information Literacy Policies in Croatia (2013), DIMLE – Digital international media literacy ebook project, EU KIDS ONLINE and Y-NEX (European Youth News Excahnge). He is also one of the authors of UNESCO Paris Declaration on MIL in Digital Era from 2014 and was a key member of the MIND OVER MEDIA IN EU project in collaboration with the Media Education Lab and the Evens Foundation.