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Morgan Jaffe

About Morgan Jaffe

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Morgan Jaffe

Research Assistant

   An aspiring media literacy and broadcasting educator born and raised North of Boston, Morgan Jaffe is a Research Assistant at the Media Education Lab. 

Morgan graduated from the Warner School of Education in 2013 with her MS in Teaching & Curriculum with a focus in digital media and literacy. As an undergraduate she attended the University of Rochester, where she received her BA in Media & Cultural Studies in American Society and English in 2012. 

             Morgan is interested in the expanding definitions of literacy and broadcasting in a digital context. She agrees that there is a shift in top down media, and through technology everyone has the ability to be a broadcaster. However, she also believes that with new and expanding technologies comes the need to teach people media literacy and to encourage individuals to think critically about what they and others are posting in online spaces, specifically social media. Other research interests include affinity spaces, participatory culture, and convergence. 

            In her free time Morgan enjoys reading and creative writing, and she is a self-proclaimed music, radio, and media junkie. She has taught elementary, high school, and college students, and has had classroom experiences with ESOL, urban, and inclusive students. Morgan also has an extensive radio background, working at Mix 104.1 FM Boston, Northshore 104.9 FM Beverly, and Music Director, DJ trainer, and radio host and DJ for WRUR 88.5 FM Rochester, New York.