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Nuala Cabral

About Nuala Cabral

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Nuala Cabral

Lead Instructor, Powerful Voices for Kids

Rhode Island native Nuala Cabral is an educator and filmmaker interested in media literacy, youth leadership and community activism. She was an instructor in the Powerful Voics for Kids summer program at the Russell Byers Charter School. Her documentary film, "Who's That Girl: Women of Color and Hip Hop" has been screened at numerous festivals, conferences and classrooms across the United States. Another film, "Walking Home," won the Speaking Out Award at the 2011 Media That Matters Film Festival

An alumna of Tufts University and Third World Newsreel's Production Workshop, Nuala graduated from Temple University with a Masters in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media.  She has been a member of the staff at the Media Education Lab since 2008. 

She currently leads the FAAN Mail project, a media literacy initiative to "speak back" formed by women of color to promote pro-active audiences and creative alternatives. FAAN Mail provides opportunities for audiences to see and participate in critical dialogue about the media, through Media Talk Backs.  We seek to create and promote alternative messages that are missing from mainstream media.