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Tara Nathan

About Tara Nathan

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Tara Nathan

Research Assistant

After recently earning a master's degree in Media and Public Engagement from University of Colorado (CU), Tara is excited to lean into the dynamic world of media literacy education and educator development in the Greater Boston and Providence areas. Tara currently conducts research for Cross-Pollinate Consulting Solutions, an independent consultancy serving clientele in the non-profit and government sectors, in the areas of: media literacy education, disinformation networks, media development, digital rights, and civil society engagement. Previously, while studying at CU, she also taught undergraduate Communications courses, where equityagency, and collective knowledge building were non-negotiables in her students' learning. Her own research explores a deeper connection between the deeper thinking skills cultivated through media literacy education and those needed to engage in urgent social justice discourse. When Tara is not connecting with colleagues, attending a webinar, or exploring the wild world of Tik Tok, she can be found in motion on New England's mountain bike trails and whitewater rivers.