23 Teachers for 28 Hours of Learning: A Summer Institute for Teachers

Can you tell how much fun I had at the Summer Institute for Teachers last week?  It was a pretty amazing experience, with 23 remarkable teachers.... from the Russell Byers Charter School in Philadelphia, the Roberts Elementary School in Wayne PA, and teachers from the National Writing Project, coming from as far away as Colorado! 

Each day was a delight--- because teachers were so fully engaged in the conversations and activities. We had time to learn more about children's experiences with media and technology. We had time to explore some of the media and technology they enjoy. We developed new skills using online collaboration and communication tools like Wikispaces and Voice Thread.  Best of all, each teacher got their very own Flip camera-- and got the chance to interview a student participating in the summer camp program which was running simultaneously. Plus, we collected pre-test data on children's understanding of genre  -- to see how their understanding develops over the course of the program--- and beyond!

It was like being the ringmaster of a true three-ring circus---- very intense, very demanding of on the social, emotional, and intellectual capacities, and very thrilling to see how teachers' understandings, knowledge and skills developed over the course of the week.  Thanks to the Verizon Foundation for their support of our work!  You can see the topics and issues we explored here.And over the course of the summer, we'll be putting up some of our lesson plans and activities here, too.  Stay tuned!