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Implementing Student-Centered Inquiry

On Friday February 20, I wrote about how I wanted to experiment with a new method of teaching (new for me), that I wanted to move away from teacher-centered inquiry to a student-centered model. Today, Monday February 23, I had an opportunity to experiment with that new approach and it worked splendidly! I had a wonderful time and felt like an actual educator. I felt like I wasn't there to impart information, to "give" the students knowledge, but to provide students some of the tools or language they might need in order to discover their own knowledge.

What I Learned Today at Roberts

Another fabulous day at Roberts! I absolutely love going to this school, working with the teachers and students. I am always impressed with how happy everyone seems to be, or more appropriately, how much of a sense of family they've built among themselves.

So many exciting events and conversations took place today, but I will list the ones that stood out most, or at least the first few I can name without boring my audience:

Getting Started!

Hi! My name is Aggie Ebrahimi and I am new to the Media Ed lab, and so happy to be here! I am thrilled to be working as part of the Media Literacy for Cultural and Global Understanding project. As an Iranian American, and as a student of cultural studies and women's studies, as well as a student of film and media production, I cannot think of a more worthwhile or exciting project to be a part of. Stay tuned to my blog to find out all I learn as the semester progresses!