Co-rumination contributing to depression and anxiety in adolescent girls?

This interesting article from yesterday's New York Times claims that co-rumination (talking about the same problem over and over again) contributes to anxiety and depression among adolescent girls. Additionally, the article claims that IM, text messaging and social networking sites like Facebook are magnifying the scope of the problem by allowing girls to obsess over problems across multiple channels. Also, social networking in and of itself can be a social stressor for girls with lower self-esteem. Of course, there are those who argue that co-rumination is a way for girls to process their issues while developing close relationships with each other:

The research distinguishes between sharing or “self-disclosure,” which is associated with positive friendships and positive feelings, and dwelling on problems, concerns and frustrations. Dwelling and rehashing issues can keep girls, who are more prone to depression and anxiety than boys, stuck in negative thinking patterns, psychologists say. But they also say it is a mixed picture: friends who co-ruminate tend to be close, and those intimate relationships can build self-esteem.

It's easy to see how social networking sites could intensify co-rumination. I wonder, have any communication scholars looked into this?