New media literacy resource: America the Beautiful

I recently had the pleasure of attending a viewing and discussion of America the Beautiful, a film by Darryl Roberts  that focuses on media and body image. The movie explores issues such as self-esteem, eating disorders, race and ethnicity, plastic surgery, carcinogens in cosmetics, and the modeling industry. In terms of film quality, there are some major problems with this one -- as you might imagine from the description above, it tries to take on way too much and in the end gives off the feeling of being unfocused and overwhelming. There were a lot of editorial choices that I found puzzling. Yet, even though in many ways it is not a great film, the whole time I was watching it I couldn't stop thinking about how this film could  be a terrific media literacy resource. When viewed in smaller segments (certainly not all segments are appropriate for all age groups), the more powerful scenes could be a great catalyst for discussion -- and perhaps even action.