Powerful Voices for Kids Summer Camp And Teachers Institute Ready to Begin!

The media education lab is astir with activity as we are about to launch an exciting journey into the world of... summer camp! That's right folks, the innaugural media literacy summer camp at Russell Byers Charter School, entitled Powerful Voices for Kids, will begin this upcoming Monday, July 6th, at 12PM.  Additionally, the Teacher Institute will also begin this Monday at 9AM, and we are extremely excited about working with everybody over the course of the next four weeks.

Camp leaders will welcome over 100 participants to both camps, and there is definitely an excitement in the air at the potential to learn a lot about media literacy and about these extraordinary kids.  The kids and teachers are in store for an exciting, activity filled summer where they will have the opportunity to create some pretty amazing works, and we will have work available on the Media Education Lab at the culmination of the program, but you can track our progress at out WikiSpace, where the kids and teachers will update their work regularly.  

Stay tuned for more updates about the program throughout the summer, as we will be updating the blog regularly with information about our progress and some of the exciting things the kids and teachers are making.