Site Design Comments

I (and others at the lab) are loving the new blue links!  And I really like the new blue in combination with the navy blue that was originally the font color, such as in the news and events bar on the site's home page.

So here are some comments/questions/concerns:

Can we have no underlines in the menu bars when you scroll over or click the pages?  The underline seems redundant because the yellow highlight is effective. Maybe the words could turn that navy blue instead of having the underline.

Some of the links are turning black once they've been clicked, maybe the navy would be better.

Can we find something to do to split the pages into 3 columns?  Once text and headings expand beyond the "blog" navigation option, they seem too stretched out and not as user friendly as a more narrow column of text.  

In the "About Us" can we decide between numbers and bullets?  Tight now it looks as if the text below the two main goals is a third goal.  The "What we do" page could possibly use bars for the heading text that are similar to the home page's news & event heading.

On each of the landing pages, the titles at the top could be in that dark blue.

I added some of the quotes from the old site to the current site and I discovered that we are required to site an author.  Some of the quotes are questions with no author and just a dash shows up if you type in a space (using a space was the only way to submit a comment without an author).  Is there anything we can do about that?


That's all for now!  Good luck tomorrow!