Teachers Notice Media Influence on Behavior

Teachers have always recognized children's tendencies to imitate what they see on the mass media. 

Today there's a new study out from Great Britain where teachers document the common practices of aggressive behavior, rudeness and inappropriate language that they see as related to media exposure. I've aleays wanted to do research on children's use of "catchphrases" that are popular in mass media--- and this article sure makes me want to see the Catherine Tate Show!

Aggressive behaviour among pupils was highlighted by 74% of those surveyed and sexually inappropriate behaviour by 43%.

A classroom teacher at a state primary school said pupils used the taglines and catchphrases from adult programmes. "Girls mimick the body language, conversations and attitudes towards other girls they see on Big Brother. When I asked them where they had ever seen anyone speaking to someone like that I was told they do it all the time on BB."

Other shows on teachers' hit lists were The Catherine Tate Show, where pupils used the catchphrases "Whatev-ah" and "Am I bovvered?" as regular retorts.