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The Government Gets into the Advertising Literacy Business

European Media Literacy Educators Gather in Italy for Second Congress of EUROMEDUC

Views on the News: From Analysis to Advocacy

At the World Summit in Karlstad, Sweden, I was able to share our current work analyzing different approaches to teaching about the news to urban children ages 7 - 11 at this afternoon's research presentation, which was sponsored by NORDICOM, the  Nordic Information Center for Media Communication and Research. I developed this project with Media Education Lab colleagues John Landis and Henry Cohn-Geltner. Here's a summary:

Politics, crime, the representation of gender, race and social class are constructed each day through news and current events.  

Empowerment and Protection at the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth

I was honored to be able to make one of the four opening addresses at the World Summit on Media for Children and Youth on June 14, 2010 in the lovely city of Karlstad, Sweden. Per Lundren, the Director of the World Summit has been planning this amazing conference for a couple of years -- and I  am so delighted to be participating in this groundbreaking event! In my talk, I noted the power of a simple metaphor for newcomers to the field. As they participate in the conference, they will need to keep in mind the coin, with its two sides.

A Trip to the FCC: Advocating for Net Neutrality