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California School Library Association

Renee Hobbs is delighted to present to California School Library leaders at the Leadership Day on Thursday, February 6th and offer the keynote address to the California School Library Association Annual Conference on Friday, February 7th. 

Watch a 1- minute excerpt of Renee's speech here.

Watch the full speech here

FRIDAY MORNING, The Library Screen Scene


What makes screening a powerful learning experience? SEE THE SLIDO RESULTS FROM 200+ CALIFORNIA LIBRARIANS



Mind Over Media: Critically Analyzing Propaganda

Explore the crowdsourced platform for teaching about contemporary propaganda. 

Mind Over Media Lesson Plans

EXAMPLE: "Theater is My Weapon"

EXAMPLE: "All That We Share"

CREATE A CUSTOM GALLERY: Teacher-Created Custom Gallery: ISMS


Entertainment Propaganda Padlet - SHARE YOUR SPARK VIDEO EXAMPLES HERE

DISCUSS: Share your thoughts on propaganda at the Flipgrid Propaganda Discussion website

THURSDAY MORNING: ACCESS RENEE's PPT Slides for Leadership Day here: Leadership as Messy Engagement

What participants offered on when asked, "Create-to-learn project-based learning can be messy. How do you manage the mess?
Clear idea of end result. Empower learners to make their own choices. Provide options.
Teach them about how they will feel uncomfortable throughout the process.
I think the first step is being willing let go of control, and recognize things may get loud, and messy . This is still learning, and that can be messy.
Check in with students/teams of students and help them within the ambiguity
Be ready for the end project to be representative of the process.
The prices is more important than the outcome so the mess is addressed after the learning is concluded.
Scaffold the project, provide feedback through formative assessments.
Stations can help with the management. But really the "manage the mess" is asking for a mindset shift on the part of the 'manager' Embrace the mess.
Provide a broad framework within which they can create/learn
Talk about the process, clear expectations. Check in often.
Individual goals and actions with check-ins. Have some non-nonnegotiables- and be willing to make them negotiable.
Allow/encourage students to articulate/defend how their project fulfills the assignment expectations.
Facilitate the mess by listening to student's questions to guide learning
Provide parameters
Create clear learning targets and milestones to track progress along the way rather than overly structuring the process.
Why do I have to manage the mess??? They can do it!
With rubrics based on aligned/desired outcomes
Get out of the way.
Focus less on the project/product and more on the process and curiosity.
Provide the ability for students to voice discomfort. Acknowledge this will be rough.
Change your volume expectations.
Embrace the mess and make it part of the process.
Let it be messy and have fun
Provide multiple options
Engage students in making management decisions and responsibilities.
Allow yourself to be flexible.
Magic of a single point rubric!