Challenges & Benefits of Being a Media Literacy Entrepreneur

Media literacy practitioners have always been entrepreneurial, looking for opportunities to bring vital knowledge, skills and competencies to people of all ages, all around the world. Much of the rising interest in media literacy education has been the result of tenacious efforts by media literacy entrepreneurs, whose creativity and ambition have led to programs and services in schools, librarians, settlement houses, museums, and in other community organizations.

Other media literacy entrepreneurs have developed games, apps, websites, curriculum resources, podcasts and videos. Perhaps you have been contemplating becoming a media literacy entrepreneur yourself or are already an experienced practitioner.

Join us for a discussion of the benefits and challenges of being a media literacy entrepreneur. Renee Hobbs and Tessa Jolls of the Center for Media Literacy moderate this exciting program.

DATE: Wednesday, June 24

TIME: 12 - 1 pm EST

LOCATION. Online. Register for the program here.


Ava Montgomery

Ava Montgomery is the founder of, and Chief Considerations Officer for Conscious Media Consulting, LLC.  As its primary business service, CMC, LLC focuses on being a thought-partner for content creators. Ava believes that content creators of the past contributed to enduring, wide-spread social injustices through perpetuation of false narratives and misrepresentations. Therefore, today’s continuum of conscious content/media creators--regardless of the industry they create for--play a vital role in rectifying historically false and currently manipulated discourses. She is the author of “Listen-In! Watch-Out! Word-Up! A Guide to Understanding and Developing Conscious Media Literacy Skills” and a nationally and internationally recognized speaker and presenter. Ava has a Master of Arts degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the mandated United Nations University for Peace, an international studies university. 

Twitter: @ConsciousMediaMaven @CCMLGuide


Josué Emmanuel Muñoz 

Josué’s career as a student thus far has flourished due to the mentors and educators that nourished Sway’s creativity, critical thinking, and community consciousness. Graduating from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication Josué understood immediately that their four-year degree on the evolving media landscape should be an accessible conversation for the general public–especially to position the next generation of leaders to navigate our chaotic digital landscape with autonomy. Since leaving their full-time position as a social media fellow for social justice media Nonprofit Brave New Films, Josué works part-time as a social media coordinator with the LA Neighborhood Land Trust, and as a remote video producer for the Smithsonian Latino Center. The rest of their workday is spent collaborating to spread healthier dialogue with OTWay.Media to help communities grow “on the way” to a loving and literate future. Twitter: @sway_ontheway

W. Ian O'Byrne 

W. Ian O’Byrne teaches literacy and technology classes in early childhood, elementary, and middle grade literacies at the College of Charleston. He is also a former Research Fellow at the New Literacies Research Lab at the University of Connecticut. He received his Masters of Education from the University of Massachusetts in the 180 Days Program. He has been involved in initiatives in school districts ranging from online and hybrid coursework, integrating technology in the classroom, ePortfolio systems, and supporting marginalized students in literacy practices. He is currently a member of AERA, NCTE, and currently serves as e-editor for LRA, and the Literacy, eLearning, Communication, and Culture (LECC) Committee for IRA. Twitter: @wiobyrne

Tessa Jolls 

Tessa Jolls is President and CEO of the Center for Media Literacy, a position she has held since 1999. During that time, she restructured CML to focus, grow and change, preparing to meet the demand for an expanded vision of literacy for the 21st Century. Her primary focus is working in partnership to demonstrate how media literacy works through school and community-based implementation programs. She actively contributes to the development of the media literacy field internationally through her speaking, writing and consulting, with curriculum development and research projects, and through publishing and disseminating new curricular and training materials.