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Chariho Public Schools: Create to Learn

Renee Hobbs offers a professional development program for educators in the Chariho Public Schools on November 8, 2016. 

 Create to Learn: Digital Inquiry as Pedagogy

Keynote by Renee Hobbs

The rise of the Internet offers new ways of learning, including opportunities for independent, self-directed learning. Students love using digital tools to create and share media. When learners have choice and control, motivation is increased they invest effort in mastering knowledge and skills. But project-based learning, when combined with digital literacy, presents some challenges for teachers who must get comfortable with the "messy engagement" that happens as learners develop communication skills and gain self-confidence. Learn how teachers create, sustain and manage the learning environment that results when learners' intellectual curiosity is unleashed.  

What's Your Motivation for Using Digital Media for Learning?
Workshop by Renee Hobbs
Educators have many different motivations for why they may (or may not) include digital texts, tools and technologies into the curriculum. Reflect on your motivations and consider how your motivations may affect the choices you make in the classroom.