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Copyright Clarity Comes to Cleveland


Become a certified Copyright Clarity trainer by participating in this one-day workshop on March 20, 2017.

There's still time: REGISTER HERE!


We are offering a day-long Train-the-Trainers program at John Carroll University in Cleveland. Click here to see the Interactive Map with details about parking and event location. If you're from out of town, see the Lodging in Cleveland opportunities here. 

Learn how to introduce educators to foundational concepts of copyright and fair use and help them learn how they (and their students) can use copyrighted material for digital learning. 

Increase your confidence in understanding how copyright and fair use support digital literacy in K12 and higher education.  

DATE: Monday, March 20, 2017
TIME:  8:30 - 4 p.m.
LOCATION: Dolan Science Center, Room A-202, Room AJohn Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio

Parking. When you arrive on campus, stop at the gate house for a temporary parking permit. 

Map. A map of campus with details about parking is available here. 

Food and Such. Coffee and light refreshments will be available beginning at 8 AM. Lunch will be served at 12 PM with options for vegetarians available. 

What to Bring. Bring writing materials for taking notes. You may also bring a laptop or digital device to access digital resources (not required). Copies of Renee's Copyright Clarity book will be available for sale for $20, cash only.

PROGRAM FEE: $129 incudes lunch 
There's still time: REGISTER HERE
copyrighted materials for digital learning! And so can your students.

This day-long professional development workshop gives educators, librarians and educational technology professionals all the tools to understand how copyright and fair use apply to digital learning. You can bring copyright clarity to your school and community by participating in this train-the-trainers program.   


From the mouths of educators, librarians and others who have attended a Copyright Clarity Train-the-Trainers event:  

  • Copyright doesn't have to be as confusing as we've been viewing it if we keep the four factor analysis/reasoning process in mind.
  • The complexity of copyright and fair use and actually understand much more about how fair use and copyright law protects the user and the use of information - had thought it only protected the owner of the copyright.
  • A comprehensive overview in general and in detail about the history, current state, and future of copyright. I also learned great techniques of pedagogy and workshop instruction.
  • A really clear understanding of what copyright ia and a stronger understanding of fair use
  • That copyright is meant to encourage the sharing of creative product, not for protecting the creator to allow them to keep it to themselves.
  • That copyright law is designed to encourage the spread of ideas and innovation, not to hinder or burden it.


  • How there was a mix of lecture, discussion and group activities as well as how the topic was covered in both a historical and current/practical perspective.
  • The engaging atmosphere and collaboration and the case studies
  • The interactive approach with two instructors and the enthusiasm for the subject. The case studies
  • The variety of pedagogies employed; not only did it help get the session lively, it helped with different learning styles
  • The variety of training methods and the transparency with which you used them at the wrap up. I especially liked the question parking lot.
  • The amount of knowledge I received, the way in which information was departed that made it easier to remember, and the enthusiasm of the presenters.
  • Grappling with real-life scenarios within small groups.
  • That the workshop was interactive and the scenerios were very helpful to solidify the teaching, also personal experiences were shared by the presenters.
PRESENTERS: Renee Hobbs and Kristin Hokanson
Renee Hobbs is the author of Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning. She is a leader in the media literacy movement in the United States.
Kristin Hokanson is the Director of Professional Learning for Inquiry Schools and Affiliated Faculty of the Media Education Lab.
This event is co-sponsored by the Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, John Carroll University
Questions? Email Renee Hobbs at for more information.