Copyright Smackdown

Have you ever enjoyed listening to a remix? Grabbed a picture off the Web to use in a Powerpoint? Edited a clip of archival film into your movie? Wondered how copyright applies to you and your intellectual property? Come to the Copyright Smackdown and wrestle with the pros and cons of copyright, the creative commons and fair-use!
The Smackdown begins on Thursday, November 4th with a screening of Copyright Criminals at the Nickelodeon at 8:00 p.m., and a talkback by director Ben Franzen.

On Friday, November 5 at 6:00 p.m. join the Columbia Design League at the Columbia Museum of Art for a spirited discussion of copyrights and wrongs with: independent filmmaker Ben Franzen; Renee Hobbs of Temple University’s Media Education Lab; DJ Rasadon of Arrested Development; Columbia’s own Preach Jacobs, rapper and host of Mo’ Betta Soul; Mark Cooper, Director of the Moving Image Research Collections at USC; and copyright lawyer Craig Killen of Nelson Mullins.

The Copyright Smackdown is an event in partnership with the Nickelodeon Theatre, the Film and Media Studies Program at USC, the USC Department of Art, the Moving Image Research Collections and the Columbia Design League.

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Columbia Design League, South Carolina