Crowdsourcing Global Media Literacy Education: Helping People Keep Up with the Digital Revolution

Hobbs explores how the future of digital and media literacy education can be advanced with support from computer science professionals.


DATE: February 28, 2019

TIME: 12 - 12:50 PM EST

LOCATION: CIT 477 Lubrano, Brown University

Sponsored by the Humanities Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University

Digital and media literacy education is growing around the world, especially in Europe where media literacy has been recognized by the European Commission as essential for economic growth and job creation. But one of the challenges of media literacy education for busy teachers is the constantly-changing nature of media culture in a digital world. We created Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda ( to provide a crowdsourced gallery of new forms of contemporary global propaganda to help educators build learners' critical analysis skills. Potentially, such content can be used to help activate intellectual curiosity and promote cultural understanding.

In this talk, and in the context of AI and computer science, we discuss: In what other ways could crowdsourcing be useful to build digital and media literacy competencies? We will also explore what other kinds of digital tools, platforms, curricula and educational resources could be developed to help students be appropriately skeptical of contemporary propaganda, and separate fact from fiction in media.

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