Digital Literacy at the Learning First Alliance

We're delighted to partner with Learning First Alliance in presenting a workshop that demonstrates how schools, parents and communities work together to see that children and youth are healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged.   

AUGUST 11, 2015

Digital Learning - Learn how to integrate digital literacy into language arts and social studies, whether you have one computer in the classroom or are in a 1-to-1 laptop school. Participants will get an overview of digital literacy in relation to competencies of online reading and digital authorship, see examples of effective instructional practices at the elementary, middle-school and high school level, and reflect on new approaches to professional development that support teachers as lifelong learners.

Presenters: Renee Hobbs, Professor, Director, Media Education Lab, Harrington School of Communication and Media, URI; Julie Coiro, Associate Professor of Education, School of Education, URI

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