DigiURI Media Club | "The 1619 Project" and "1619" the podcast

Media Club promo NovemberWhat comes to mind when you think about the 1619 Project? For many of us, it is an important essay that unpacks a dark and complicated aspect of the history of the United States. For some, we think of the controversy surrounding criticism from a group of scholars and conservative authors who attacked its accuracy and its role in helping us understand the fabric of the US. In addition to the many aspects of this work by Nikole Hannah-Jones that have been discussed in academic circles, think tanks, and popular media, its dissemination via two distinct mediums make it an interesting topic of discussion for our November 1 DigiURI Media Club session.

Join us as Ralph Beliveau hosts a discussion of using 1619 Project the essay and the 1619 podcasts as different ways of presenting the same content in the classroom. Among other topics, we’ll discuss how these formats contribute to teaching and learning and how each can facilitate different ways of connecting with the material.

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