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DW Akademie

Renee Hobbs is presenting the keynote address to the annual meeting of DW Akademie, Germany's leading organization for international media development.They support the development of independent, transparent media systems, quality journalism and media expertise. They help rebuild media in post-crisis and post-conflict environments and contribute internationally to the professional training of media workers. 

Presentation Title: Power On! 

DATE: January 30, 2018

LOCATION: Bonn, Germany

AFTERNOON Workshop Title: Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda

We created a podcast as we reflected on propaganda in journalism, education, activism and entertainment. Listen to it here!

Defining Propaganda

Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda

Example for Analysis

Workshop Handout: 1. Definitions of Propaganda  & 2. Where can Propaganda be Found

Mind Over Media in Europe -  Press Release

Learn more about the many terms used to capture the complexity of our "fake news" environment with this great infographic created by the European Association for Viewer Interests called "Beyond Fake News."

Podcasting with