Facts Matter: Library Journal Online Course

Renee Hobbs is delighted to participate in this special program from Library Journal. 

Libraries serve people of all backgrounds and beliefs and function as trusted, nonpartisan sources of accurate information for their communities. In these polarized times, understanding news bias and reliability is more critical than ever. Libraries and news organizations are joining forces in a variety of ways to promote news literacy, create innovative community programming, and help patrons/students identify misinformation.


Inspiring Live Guest Speakers + Project-Based Learning

Engage with presenters via live video stream, visual presentations, and chats, and workshop practical ideas in groups, with guidance from an advisor, to plan ideas for increasing media literacy in your community.

Through this course, you will learn:

  • How to partner with local news organizations to promote news literacy through a range of programs, including developing a citizen journalism hub at your library.
  • How to use an up-to-date repertoire of media and news literacy tools, including reliable fact-checking sites, and anti-bias strategies that you can share with patrons.
  • How to enhance citizens’ critical thinking when they are immersed in misinformation, keep conversations nonpartisan, and empower users to objectively evaluate print and digital information.
  • How to readily identify data and easily use free online tools to turn it into compelling visuals that will help you support your message.

Who should take this course? Library professionals and educators in all settings serving patrons of all ages—and anyone else who cares about the truth!