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Fight Disinformation with Media Literacy

FIGHT DISINFORMATION WITH MEDIA LITERACY: A Media Meets Literacy Initiative by the Evens Foundation, organized with the Media and Learning Association and supported by the European Commission (Communication Networks, Content and Technology)

DATE: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

TIME: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

LOCATION: Center for the Arts BOZAR, Brussels Belgium

PRESENTERS: Renee Hobbs, Maja Dobiasz-Krysiak, Nicoleta Fotiade, Sonja Hernesniemi, Igor Kanizaj, Bert Pieters, Eva Van Passell

Orientation to Propaganda Education

  • Mind Over Media EU
  • Planet of Propaganda
  • PPT Slides
  • Key IdeasPropaganda can be beneficial or harmfulIt can be found in news and information, advertising, entertainment, education & activismPropaganda analysis can promote intellectual curiosity and cultural understanding

Initial Examples to Discuss, Evaluate and Comment On:  Brexit  -- Killing Memes -- American Terrorists

QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: How does propaganda analysis cultivate intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural understanding?

TEAMWORK: Identifying Propaganda Techniques

QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: How does news reporting amplify propaganda? 

Video: Theater is My Weapon : AlJazeera My Tunisia

TEAMWORK: Where Propaganda Can be Found 

QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION: Dialogues on Propaganda