Hobbs at IDEAcon 2020 in Schaumberg Illinois

Renee Hobbs is delighted to be presenting at IDEAcon 2020! Learn more and register here.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. 9:30 - 10:30. Propaganda Education for a Digital Age. Today, propaganda is everywhere, as algorithms bring highly personalized videos, social media posts and memes directly to our cell phones. Learn how to explore the topic of propaganda with learners in middle-school and high school as a means to advance digital literacy competencies in this dynamic hands-on, minds-on session with Renee Hobbs.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27. 12 - 3 pm. Create to Learn: Digital and Media Literacy Pedagogies in K-12 Education. Today, educators must prepare learners for an unknowable future. Across the grade span, educators help students internalize a set of robust practices essential for a lifetime of learning. These include: asking questions, evaluating and analyzing evidence, collaborating creatively to solve problems, communicating information and ideas in socially responsible ways, and reflecting on the social and cultural consequences of actions. In this hands-on, minds-on digital literacy program, you'll discover the power of advancing learner-centered inquiry learning by ""creating to learn,"" using transdisciplinary practices that apply to all content areas. Support the intellectual curiosity of all learners by exploring digital mind maps, curation activities, digital storytelling, simple video production, podcasting, meme-making, and other inquiry learning practices that deepen authentic mastery of content and prepare learners for a lifetime of learning. Make connections between classroom and culture using media literacy core concepts that build critical thinking. We discuss the implications of such practices for classroom management, assessment of student learning, and more. You’ll have time to plan how to bring inquiry learning pedagogies back to your classroom by creating media that supports the needs of your learners.