Hobbs at International Reading Association in Minneapolis

At the International Reading Association conference in Minneapolis, Renee Hobbs explores the topic, "Composing with Words and Images with Web 2.0 Tools." 

In this hands-on session, participants get to explore tools including Flickr and Voice Thread, resources that can be used to promote critical analysis, collaboration and communication skills. Hobbs will also share insights on the copyright implications of this work, based on her work developing the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education, which clarifies how fair use applies to teaching and learning about and with mass media, popular culture and digital media. Participate in the Ning ring of this group!

1. Media Literacy and Multimedia Composition

2. Using Images in the Composition Process

3. Sharing Ideas about Multimedia Messages with Voice Thread

4. Considering the Copyright Implications



International Reading Association, Minneapolis MN, May 3, 2009