Hobbs at Misinfo Con in Kiev

Renee Hobbs is delighted to participate in MisinfoCon in Kiev, May 29 - 30, 2018. Participants explore these questions:

  • Can and should some responsibility be placed on the consumers of information/media?
  • What role do libraries, galleries, school and afterschool programs, nonprofits and public spaces play? How should platforms and newsrooms respond?
  • And what does “literacy at scale” look like to help the millions of people who are just coming online?
  • What are the policy and regulatory and self-regulatory implications of each of these responses?
  • What do they look like and how do they vary from region to region?
  • What promising strategies exist that could be experimented with elsewhere or globally?
  • What data is needed to help understand the problem? Is that data available?
  • If not, what are the opportunities to make data available, either openly or in a way that is accessible to researchers, policymakers, media and civil society practitioners?
  • How can open data initiatives, researchers and platforms work together instead of at odds?

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