Independent Film Distribution and Licensing: Issues for Public Libraries

This 60-minute webinar helps you gain knowledge about the economics of independent film and media, understand "best practices" of film programming in public libraries, and appreciate the legal obligations of licensing for public performance. We also discuss strategies to deepen relationships between independent filmmakers, community media organizations and public librarians.
Panelists include: 
  • Anisa Raoof, Executive Director, Providence Children's Film Festival
  • Kati Irons, audiovisual collection development librarian, Pierce County Library (WA) and author of the book, Film Programming in Public Libraries
  • Eric Bilodeau, Director of Programming, Providence Children's Film Festival  
  • Leah Lubman, Manager, Providence Community Library
  • Eugene Martin, professor and independent filmmaker specializing in youth and social justice issues
  • Renee Hobbs, University of Rhode Island