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Renee Hobbs

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Renee Hobbs


As a trailblazing educator, author, and media literacy advocate, Renee Hobbs has dedicated her life to empowering individuals of all ages to navigate the complex landscape of information, entertainment, and persuasion. 

With a career spanning decades, Renee has been a leading voice in the field of media literacy, tirelessly promoting critical thinking, digital citizenship, and media creation skills. Her passion is infectious, and her expertise unparalleled.

Renee Hobbs offers insights that unlock the power of media literacy for all. Discover how to decode propaganda, use the power of fair use for digital learning, and cultivate a discerning mind as you create media to deepen learning. Professor Hobbs offers engaging keynotes, short talks, and her creative hands-on workshops are designed to build expertise in digital and media literacy education. She has written 12 books and more than 250 published articles in scholarly and professional journals. She has helped to develop the field of media literacy through establishing a professional membership organization and a scholarly journal. She has collaborated with researchers, policy leaders, and educators on four continents, raising more than $6 million for media literacy programs across the U.S. and around the world. 

Renee Hobbs isn't just an educator; she's a catalyst for change. Her work has inspired countless educators, parents, and students worldwide to harness the transformative power of media literacy. If you're ready to help students take control of their media consumption and become savvy media users and creators, Renee Hobbs can be your guide. 

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