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Innovative Mobile Communication in Crisis

Inequalities & Media Education

Read here about our full webinar series on Inequalities and Media Education.

This 6th webinar is on innovative mobile communication in crisis and is titled, ‘Adapting Mobile Communication for Flooding in a Colonia in Texas, U.S.A.’ Professor Keri K. Stephens will discuss an innovative project providing mobile phones, data plans, and WhatsApp training to amplify marginalized voices in a flood-ravaged area of Texas, U.S.A that lacks water infrastructure. Her research team used participatory methods that engaged residents in co-designing photo/video evidence collection to compel funding for equitable infrastructure. The talk will share insights into the project's human-centered design, its success engaging chronically flooded communities, and the achievement of securing 90% community participation. Attendees will gain state-of-the-art knowledge equipping communities to advocate for environmental justice using scalable digital tools and organizing strategies.

DAY: Thursday, February 15, 2024

TIME: 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT/ 1030pm IST (check for DST)

Featured Presenter

Keri K. StephensProfessor Keri K. Stephens is a Professor in Organizational Communication & Technology in the Department of Communication Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, and serves as the Co-Director of Technology, Information, & Policy Institute, leading influential studies on technology equity in the contexts of work, disasters, crises, and health. She has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications appearing in top research journals, proceedings, and books, and her two most recent books are New Media in Times of Crisis (2019, Routledge), and the 2-time national-level award-winning book Negotiating Control: Organizations and Mobile Communication (2018, Oxford University Press). She recently served as the Chair of the International Communication Association Mobile Communication Division and her scholarship on technology use in disasters has garnered National Science Foundation funding, spawned a popular TEDx Talk, and established her as a globally respected authority on disasters, artificial intelligence, and mobile media.

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About This Webinar Series

The ‘Inequalities and Media Education’ (IME) webinar series explores the relationship between media and inequalities as well as justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the (digital) media literacy and education space. The webinar series aims to ask critical questions and delve deeper into current research conducted globally to understand how scholars have studied and aimed at reducing inequalities along with ramifications for media literacy and education.

We hope to continue engaging with our community and invite hosts for future meetings and discuss a cool book, podcast, video or any media related to our interests on inequalities and media education. Please get in touch:

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