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Media Literacy Amidst the Fog of War: Maps

Journalists and educators frequently use maps to convey information about armed conflicts. While often considered objective, maps, like other forms of media, are human constructions.

Join us for an interactive session on investigating maps in times of conflict through a media literacy lens. We will explore maps as curated descriptions that can highlight as well as hide information about the ongoing crisis. The ability to see maps as partial representations is a crucial media literacy competence that is especially relevant in today’s visually saturated digital news landscape.

DATE: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 

TIME: 12 PM EST / 18:00 CET

LOCATION: Online. Register Here.


Kate Dalton is a former high school English teacher and the co-founder of Mucktracker, which creates tech tools to facilitate the analysis of digital news sources in classroom contexts.

Csilla Weninger teaches and researches digital and media literacy at the National Institute of Education in Singapore.