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Media Literacy Education Research Summer School, Catholic University of Louvain

Renee Hobbs is delighted to be a featured presenter at the Knowledge Mediation Research Group's (Groupe de Recherche en Médiation des Savoirs - GReMS) first doctoral Summer School on Media Literacy and Media Education Research on September 12th, 13th and 14th, 2016.

Detailed information about the Summer School is available on the French version of this website.

The goal of this summer school is to allow PhD students engaged in a doctoral research in the field of media literacy or media education:
  • to benefit from the expertise of renowned researchers in their field, though theoretical and methodological presentations;
  • to present their own research to an audience composed of these experts, as well as other PhD students and researchers;
  • to work collectively to the enhancement of their research work with other participants;
  • to improve their knowledge of the research undertaken by their peers.
The Summer School will be structured around the four following themes:
  • Theme #1: Research questions and theoretical frameworks: "Media Education and Media Literacy: how can we ask relevant research questions today?" 
  • Theme #2: Methods of Media Literacy Research: "Observing media uses, defining media competences: converging or conflicting approaches?
  • Theme #3: Methods of Media Education Research: "Evaluating media education programs and practices: methods and challenges" 
  • Theme #4: Research Valorisation: "Designing media Education and Media Literacy reserach with high societal impact"
A half workday will be dedicated to each of these themes, starting with two plenary talks by invited experts, and followed by a workshop focused on the research work of the participating PhD students, exploring them from the perspectives developed in the plenary talks
The Summer School will also allow for numerous informal interactions between experts, researchers and PhD students.
As the Summer School will be held both in French and in English, proficiency in French is required for participation.