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Media Literacy Seminar

Thanks to the many educators who participated in the 6th annual Media Literacy seminars sponsored by Drug Free PA in King of Prussia (Nov 28, 2012), State College (November 6, 2012) and Monroeville (November 13, 2012).

Dr. Renee Hobbs and Dr. Brian Primack led these engaging and action-packed professional development events. 


The Media Straight Up! Curriculum Guide

CLASSROOM PRACTICE VIDEO: Creating a Snapshot of Digital Media Use

VIDEO: Screen Drinking Affects Kids

Watch our Google Hangout video produced in only 30 minute as a culminating experience. Teams explore the power of collaborative writing and prepare key soundbites using Q&A format about the topic you've been assigned.

TEAM 1. Develop the argument for why digital and media literacy is essential part of the health prevention educator's  toolkit.

TEAM 2. Explain the power reflecting on our LOVE/HATE relationship with visual media (TV, movies) and social media. 

TEAM 3. Discuss the instructional strategy of having kids keep a media diary and create charts and graphs of their media use.  

TEAM 4. Introduce the instructional stratey of close analysis and critical questions in analyzing media representations of alcohol and drug use

TEAM 5. Describe the instructional strategy of the HARMFUL/HARMLESS continuum in discussing the impact of media representations on atitudes and behaviors.

TEAM 6. Consider how MEDIA ROLE MODELS and celebrity culture influence our beliefs and expectations about substance abuse. 

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