Sait Tuzel is Released from Turkish Jail

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In late March, 2017, after 8 long months in an overcrowded Turkish jail, our Media Education Lab colleague Sait Tuzel was released from prison. He, along with thousands of other academics, journalists and judges were falsely accused of terrorism after the July 15 attempted coup. Although he is now home with his wife, Sennur and their two young children, he has been dismissed from his tenured post as Associate Professor at Cannakkale Mart University and is forbidden to work at a university in Turkey. Moreover, his passport was revoked so he is unable to leave the country. As Sait noted in a recent conversation, "In jail, my cell was small. Now my cell is larger. But it's still a prison." In any case, despite the challenges ahead, everyone at the Media Education Lab is grateful to have Sait back on our team!

Thursday, March 23, 2017