Nutrition Media Literacy

Professor Amanda Missimer and Renee Hobbs offer an introduction to Nutrition Media Literacy for students at the University of Rhode Island. 


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Nutrition Main Ideas:

  • There are no bad foods
  • No foods should be restricted
  • Eat what you like - make your own choices - don’t be pressured by others
  • Beware of “experts” outside the field of nutrition offering advice
  • Use facts and information to evaluate nutritional advice

Media Literacy Main Ideas

  • To attract and hold attention, media creators activate strong emotions and simplify information and ideas
  • Media content that arouses anger and outrage is more likely to be shared
  • False information that reinforces existing beliefs/biases/values is appealing to people
  • TikTok’s platform structure with its never-ending playlist is designed to control your behavior
  • Algorithms rely on reward systems to give you a glut of whatever content you watch