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The Power of Two: Tier 2 Reflections

Have you been curious about what Tier 2 is all about? Want to reflect more about the Power of Two in relation to personal and professional identity and action? 


TIME: 12 - 1 pm ET

LOCATION: ONLINE. Click here to register

At the Tier 2 Summer Institute, the focus is on leading and collaborating with face-to-face and digital tools to facilitate real and sustainable change in a range of educational contexts. Participants gain hands-on practice in facilitation and design a robust Project Management Plan or Professional Development Plan to deploy their vision for integrating digital literacy into your world of work.

Learn more about what happened in the Tier 2 Leadership Track, part of the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy and a key component of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy. In this webinar, Meet Brazilian educators and media professionals Carla Arena and Clarissa Bezarra and learn about how they experienced the Tier 2 program, led by Charlie Coiro.

Watch the recorded video here: