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Remembering the Legacy of Violent Extremism

The stories we tell about violent extremism shape our understanding of the past, present, and future. In this session, we use dialogue and discussion to reflect on the legacy of September 11, 2001 and the role of violent extremism in the 21st century. Come to listen with appreciation to the stories of others and share your thoughts and feelings on this day of remembrance. This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.  

DATE: Monday, September 11, 2023


LOCATION. Online. Click here to register. 

Discussion Leaders: Kara Clayton, Emily Bailin Wells, Carolyn Fortuna, Renee Hobbs 


Memories of 9/11: The series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the U.S. on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 continue to deeply affect U.S. identity and politics. Through a digital academic forum on Flipgrid, people gather information and compare observations of memories of September 11, 2001 to reflect upon the variety of experiences and interpretations of this important historical event.  Visit

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