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Teaching about Fake News

JOIN US FOR A DISCUSSION! We are talking online on Wednesday, March 1, discussing what we are learning as we teach about the "fake news" topic. Join us for this online video chat!

DATE:       Wednesday, March 1

TIME:         7 pm EST

CLICK HERE TO access the Google Doc


  • Kara Clayton, Thurston High School, Redford MI
  • Amanda Murphy, Westerly High School RI
  • Matt Nupen, DocentEDU
  • Pam Steager, Media Education Lab
  • Emily LeMay, Providence Community Library RI
  • Gina Marcello, Georgian Court College NJ
  • Jared Fesler, Tribeworthy
  • Frank Romanelli, University of Rhode Island
  • Yonty Friesem, Central Connecticut State University
  • Renee Hobbs, University of Rhode Island