Media and Health

Media literacy is a vital component of health education. Children and young people benefit from opportunities to critically analyze alcohol and tobacco advertisements. They can recognize and resist unrealistic beauty ideals. They can understand how media culture shapes our nutritional choices, including diet and exercise.

Teaching Resources

Support reflection on why digital and media literacy matters for learning and teaching

Now it's easier than ever to engage students and support learning through creating videos, animations, infographics and more 

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Help students learn to ask questions about what they read, see, watch and listen to.

Books for young learners: It's never to early to be smart about media!

Understand how copyright and fair use supports digital learning

Guided inquiry & viewing of Adam Ruins the Internet helps learners judge the pros and cons of digital life and reflect on the role of media regulation.

Research and Scholarship

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his paper offers a case study of a collaboration between teachers in the US and Turkey, where 7 th grade students interacted with each other via online social media as a means to promote cultural understanding.

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