Transformation via Media Interaction & Serious Play

Everyone faces challenges. Many people struggle to overcome their challenges, even though they have access to a multitude of media resources that can lead to desired behavioral changes. Every day, opportunities await, yet many people are unable to recognize and engage with them. According to the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 42% of high school students reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless, 29% reported experiencing poor mental health, and 22% reported having seriously considered suicide in 2021. Overcoming challenges requires a systematic approach to give people the tools and encouragement they need.

DATE: Wednesday, April 26, 2023


Ariel Dagan proposes that by engaging in serious play, people can develop character traits and skills to help them create positive behavioral change in the real world. After years of research, he has used his findings to develop a system to help users break down a challenge they face into achievable steps, connect with supportive allies, access high-quality media recommendations (to read, listen to, watch, play, etc.) that have been curated to guide them towards success, and engage in self-reflection. The system can be used not only by the person facing a challenge, but also by their allies and mentors. Librarians, psychologists, researchers, teachers, parents, and other educators all have a role to play in empowering people to overcome their challenges.

During the session, participants used interactive Padlet boards:

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About the Presenter

Ariel Dagan is the founder of In-Formation, LLC. The company’s mission is to empower humanity’s innate curiosity and develop transformational change through media interactions which lead users to become the best version of themselves. Ariel has spent over 30 years working in education, where he has developed engaging experiences for learners of all ages. He recently received an innovation award for his unit on mobile addiction, which helps students create transformative change in just three weeks. As an ultra marathoner and entrepreneur, Ariel has overcome many challenges that seem unattainable to most.