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Translation Matters

Translation Matters

 How Create to Learn became Digital Media Literacy Lesson

Educators all over the world seem to understand the significance of digital and media literacy. But how do different countries adapt and practice digital and media literacy education? When Jiwon Yoon was translating Renee Hobbs' book, Create to Learn into Korean, she was able to reflect upon how cultural, political, and educational differences influence the practice of digital and media literacy education.

Join Jiwon as she shares her experience of translating Create to Learn into Korean and what she has learned from that process. What insights on intercultural communication emerge from the translation experiencee? Jiwon will also discuss the rapidly evolving digital and media literacy education in South Korea, and offer some take-aways for American educators and scholars. 

DATE: Monday, May 10

TIME: 2 pm EST (11 am PST) 

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

Jiwon Yoon (Ph.D., Temple University) translated Renee Hobbs’ Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy into Korean. It has just been published by Hagisiseub, the imprint of the publisher CommunicationBooks.  

The title of the translated book is <<디지털·미디어 리터러시 수업블로그·팟캐스트·사진·인포그래픽·브이로그·영상·애니메이션·리믹스·소셜미디어 만들며 배우기>>, which can be translated as <<Digital · Media Literacy Lesson: Learn through Creating Blog · Podcast · Images, Infographics, Vlogs, Videos, Animation, Remix, and Social Media.>>

The book was released on April 1, 2021, and instantly rose to rankings of 24th ( and 25th ( in the General Education Book category in two major online bookstores in South Korea. Many educators in South Korea find the book useful—it garnered a ranking of 5th in sales (Aladin online bookstore) within the General Education category, 16th in Pedagogy, and 2nd in the Audiovisual Education Category (Kyobo Book) the following week.    


Dr. Jiwon Yoon (Ph.D., Temple University) is an expert in media literacy, youth media, and intercultural media studies. As a researcher, educator, and activist, she has 20 years of experience teaching media literacy in various educational settings, including public/private schools, alternative educational settings, universities, and teacher education programs in the U.S., South Korea, and China. Jiwon has been focusing on research in media literacy in the areas of global understanding, intercultural communication, popular culture in North and South Korea, and Pan-Asian identity. Her works have been published in scholarly journals and as book chapters, and she has received research awards from BEA (Broadcast Education Association) and ICA (International Communication Association). Jiwon also worked with South Korean media literacy scholars and educators to develop educational resources that implement media literacy education for multicultural education. Translating "Create to Learn" inspired Jiwon to write picture books about appropriate media usage to facilitate engaging talks between children and caregivers. She is currently pitching her picture book series and writing a digital parenting book for caregivers of young children. 

Jiwon is proud to have been Renee Hobbs' first doctoral advisee at Temple University and she is currently an affiliated faculty member of the Media Education Lab. She was an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago (2010-2017, tenured), where she developed a course in media literacy and community engagement. After moving to the West Coast, she worked as an Associate Professor of Communication at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA  (2017-2019). As part of her work in translating the book, Jiwon added footnotes to any concepts or terms that may not be familiar to Korean readers and updated the statistics when more recent data became available. The book also includes a Q & A section in which Renee answers questions about South Korea and post-pandemic-related situations.