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Using Digital Media in Learning: Networks for Training and Development

Renee Hobbs is coming to Philadelphia to work with inclusion educators at the Networks for Training and Development on Friday, May 13. 

Media Literacy is an expanded conceptualization of literacy: it involves critically analyzing and creating media.

ACTIVITY: Use the Media Literacy SmartPhone to Analyze Two Media Messages about Zoos

San Diego White Rhino: On the Edge

PETA: Animal Slavery 

Multimedia Communication Campaign. Work with a partner to play-and-learn, exploring how you can create messages using free media production tools available on your laptop or cell phone. Learn about free online tools for creating media here. 
  • Make A Meme. Using IMG Flip or MemeGenerator, make a meme that addresses the theme of accessibility. 
  • Make an Image Slideshow. Using Quickcast or Sharalike, create an image slide show using a combination of images, language, music and narration to express an opinion or an idea about accessibility. 
  • Make a Video. Using Kizoa, Videolicious or Shadow Puppet, use a combination of still and moving images plus narration to create a 1-minute movie about a theme related to accessibility. 
  • Make a Podcast. Interview your partner and share opinions about a topic related to the theme of accessibility in under 3 minutes using Opinion or Chirbit to create, edit and upload your podcast. 
  • Make a Viral Video. Using Vine or Periscope, create video that people can share online on a topic that addresses the theme of accessibility. 
  • Record a Video Conversation. Using Zoom.Us, participate in a video chat where you share ideas and opinions about accessibility issues and record it for others to watch at a later time.