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Virtual Reality and Learning

Renee Hobbs returns to SXSWEdu in a workshop that explores the promise and potential pitfalls of virtual reality.  

Monday, March 7, Austin TX  #vrlearning

Renee Hobbs participates in a workshop sponsored by the Center for Educational Technology (CET) in Tel Aviv to explore the theory and practice of virtual reality experiences.


Learn more about the program here

We aim to debate whether and how virtual reality may significantly enhance learning. We will be presenting projects that expand the scope of students' learning experiences and provide new opportunities for the educator and the learner. The projects include curricular disciplines (e.g. physics) as well as pedagogical challenges (e.g. building empathy with others,) developed through collaborations between teachers, students, researchers & entrepreneurs from different countries (Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, USA.) The session will be a rhythmic and dynamic event, including a panel of educational experts, an experiential showcase and a workshop on designing virtual reality instructional materials.