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Walker Lecture: Teaching About Propaganda

Mind Over Media: Teaching About Propaganda


DATE: November 28,2018

TIME: 7:30 pm

LOCATION: Kane Hall Room 120, University of Washington, Seattle

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Renee Hobbs gives the Walker Ames Lecture at the University of Washington, as the final speaker of the BUNK INFORMATION Series. American educators have been teaching about propaganda since the 1930s by helping learners to identify persuasive techniques that can make propaganda effective and sometimes difficult to resist. But these approaches, rooted in the dominant media forms of their time, no longer prepare learners for a lifetime of exposure to the new forms of contemporary propaganda that people encounter online. Learn about some new instructional strategies for teaching about contemporary propaganda in movies and entertainment media, news and journalism, public relations and advertising, activism and even education. Consider some potential outcomes of examining disinformation, sponsored content, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and memes in the context of formal and informal learning.