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Talks & Lectures

Talks & Lectures

Renee Hobbs and Yonty Friesem of the Media Education Lab team offer programs, workshops and consulting on topics. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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Here are some of the topics of recent talks and lectures we've offered: 

  • AI in the Classroom
  • Confronting Political Polarization with¬†Media Literacy Instructional Practices
  • Disinformation in an Age of Algorithms
  • Preventing Violent Extremism: The Role of Media Literacy and Active Listening
  • How Experts and Influencers Help People Learn
  • Confronting Contemporary Propaganda
  • Digital Literacy Matters
  • Making Media with a Cell Phone
  • Teaching the Conspiracies
  • What Happens to Truth in a Post-Truth World
  • The Economics of¬†Fake News: Focus on Conflict Entrepreneurs¬†
  • Create to Learn: Digital Authorship Matters
  • Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning
  • 12 Teacher Motivations for¬†Media Literacy


  • The Blurring of Art, Journalism & Advocacy: Understanding Contemporary Propaganda in a Digital Age
  • Digital Literacy in K-6 Urban Education
  • How Teacher Motivations for Digital Learning Shape Instructional Practice
  • Designing Effective Approaches to Professional Development in Digital Literacy
  • Linking the Literacies: Critical Media Analysis and Reading Comprehension
  • When Everyone's an Author: Implications for Students, Educators, Librarians and Technology Specialists
  • Why News Matters: Bringing Current Events into the Classroom


Contact Renee Hobbs via email ( to learn more about program fees, scheduling, and other information.  

Contact Yonty Friesem via email ( to learn more about program fees, scheduling, and other information.